Get the most current and accurate financial information as soon as it happens
Maximize efficiency with fully-automated accounting system
Increase earnings with historical profit analysis by event type, venue, section, row, etc.
Plan ahead with easy-access financials for both reporting and tax purposes
Avoid duplicate entry of ticket purchase/sales transactions

Product Overview

Our product fully integrates eiBox Office® with Sage 100 ERP® combining the industry-leading event inventory management software with the full financial reporting capabilities of the world’s #1 ERP system for small to medium sized businesses.

No longer will eiBox Office® users have to manually record each transaction in order to maintain proper accounting records. Our adapter allows these two powerful systems to work together, allowing financial statements and analysis reports to be generated at your figure tips with the most current financial data.

Product Features

  • Synchronizes all vendor and customer information including contact information, shipping address, and amounts due/owed.
  • Integrates current inventory between ERP and Event Inventory systems
  • Processes all purchases and sales transactions including changed and/or returned orders
  • Utilizes multiple costing methods for producing financial statements for both reporting and income tax purposes
  • Generates complete financial statements immediately after period ends

How will this product enhance my business?

We have seen companies struggle to keep up with the thousands of tickets being bought and sold every day. With a basic accounting system, it is impossible to maintain current and accurate financial records.

By integrating eiBox Office® with Sage 100 ERP®, you can enjoy the benefit of having a fully automated accounting system. Not only will you be able run your operations efficiently, but also be supplied with the latest financial data, giving you the capabilities that you need to both plan your future ticket inventory purchases and forecast your revenues accurately.

What if I do not already have Sage 100 ERP®?

Millennium Accounting Solutions is a certified Sage® Partner and product reseller that has been successfully implementing ERP systems for U.S. and international businesses since 1997. Customers, who have upgraded their accounting system from basic QuickBooks to the much more robust Sage 100 ERP®, have seen tremendous improvements in productivity, efficiency, and growth in their company.

Nice work. It’s quite exciting to see these automation processes come to life. – Customer, CEO

Well done. This is a capability that we have longed for. – Customer, CFO

Here is the sample COS segment of P&L including various cost classification:
Last season Quantity Sales analysis
Last season sport ticket GP% analysis
Last Season Quantity and GP% by Seat, Row, Section, and Venue

For more information on the product please view the TICKETez Product Documentation

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