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The Inventory Stock Status on Web (ISOW)

The Inventory Stock Status on Web is designed to integrate your Sage 100cloud ERP® inventory stock status including the quantity availability and other constant data with the web pages of your website and have them available instantly on your website.

This application enables your customers, suppliers, and employees to view your stock status directly from your webpage and inquire about the current product availability and pricing by specific location.

The Inventory Stock Status on Web was initially developed by Millennium Accounting Solutions to give visibility of the inventory status online. The application is simple, powerful, and easy to use, and has been very successful in helping to provide up-to-date information regarding the status of distributors/retailers' products that are for sale.

Main Features:

  • Search by product name or item number.
  • Displays description of the products for sale.
  • Displays availability and locations of the items that are for sale 
  • Displays any user defined field on the inventory item master file.


Microsoft Platforms:

This product can run on MS Windows Servers®

This product was released on 6/1/2005

Here are some example views of the ISOW.

Searching for items that are for sale

This tab allows all the customers, suppliers, and employees to search for the items that they are interested in inquiring by item number or item description.

Item Number
Item Description
Mfg. Part No.


Viewing the search results

Note that any field in the item master table can be added/removed to/from the result view and the result view is fully customizable to your needs.

Item Number Item Description Location Quantity On Hand Price Custom Field 1 Custom Field 2 Mfg. Item No. Bin Location
Fremont, CA 343 $23.00    
Fishkill, NY 1 $23.00      

Software requirements

The ISOW gathers data from your Sage 100 ERP ® and publishes it directly to the website using Microsoft SQL Server ®.

For information about purchasing the ISOW, please call your Sage® Authorized Reseller or call  Millennium ERP Systems, LLC

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